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Welcome to the Automotive Training Board

The Automotive Training Board of NSW (ATB NSW) is an Industry Training Advisory Body (ITAB) across the industry areas of automotive, transport, logistics, aviation, rail, maritime, stevedoring, resources and infrastructure.

Industry Training Advisory Bodies (ITABs) are autonomous, industry-based organisations that work with employers, unions and government to ensure a viable workforce through workforce planning, workforce development and skilling opportunities.

In NSW, ITABs underpin the industry training advisory process, strengthening and stabilising the relationship between industry and government by providing advice to inform strategic policy direction, program development and research.

NSW ITABs have a contractual relationship with the NSW Department of Education and Communities to provide an independent voice on skill needs, training and workforce development issues for each of the industries they represent. ITABs work to maximise the benefits to industry through the vocational education and training (VET) system and promote industry participation in structured training.
NSW ITABs have tri-partite boards with employer, peak and union representation maintaining their industry relevance and overseeing governance requirements. Many have broader industry advisory groups ensuring immediate connection to current practices, issues affecting workplaces and emerging trends.

Benefits to industry
ITABs provide a conduit to communicate industry’s workforce needs directly to the NSW Government to facilitate quality outcomes in vocational training.
ITABs undertake a range of activities to identify our industries’ needs for skill and workforce development:

  • Formal consultation such as focus groups, industry sector advisory groups, site visits and web forums
  • Conference and industry forum presentations
  • Project work with cross industry collaboration and partnerships.

Our aim is to bring together the views of key stake-holders – employers, unions, peak bodies, regulators and government agencies – to ensure all advice and ITAB activity reflects accurate and accepted industry position and needs.

Support for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs)
ITABs provide a range of strategic advice to RTOs with the aim of maximising the relevance and quality of skills outcomes in the workplace.
Our extensive knowledge of industry needs and current workforce development issues enable ITABs to assist RTOs in the selection and quality delivery of national qualifications to meet the expectation of employers.
ITABs provide guidance and services in developing learning and assessment strategies, leaner resources, assessment tools and meeting the requirements of the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF).
Additional services include professional development activities, assessor networks, project management, advice on course development and accreditation for skills not covered by National Training Package qualifications.

For further information please contact the Automotive Training Board NSW.



Latest News 2015

Congratulations to Learning Sphere Training Solutions for being announced as the winner in the Small Training Provider of the Year at the recent 2015 NSW Training Awards.

The Automotive Training Board of NSW would like to congratulate Nicole Paxman for her outstanding success at the NSW Training Awards for 2015.

The Automotive Training Board would like to congratulate Stewart (Seth) Martin. Seth is currently studying for his Certificate III in Motorsport Technology at TAFE Western.

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Automotive Industry Training Package
Retail Service & Repair

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Women in Auto Trades
  Kick start your automotive career with the women in Auto Trades pre-apprenticeship course.
Starts 20th October 2014
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Competency Based Progression Survey
  There is a proposal in NSW to move away from a time based model to a competency based progression model. This would mean that an apprentice could progress on competencies achieved as agreed to in the individual training plan, rather than using the current time served approach.
Click here to take survey
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Changes in arrangements for advice in transport and logistics industry

Date: February 2008

During February 2008 changes were made to the contact arrangements for the Transport and Logistics Industry Advisory services in NSW.  Following discussions between the national Transport and Logistics Industry Skills Council and the Automotive Training Board NSW it has been agreed that the Automotive Training Board NSW will work collaboratively with the Skills Council in the provision of advisory services to the Transport and Logistics sector in NSW.

It is anticipated that these new arrangements will provide improved services for the ITAB functions and will build upon the synergies that exist between the respective industry sectors. 

For all NSW enquiries please call Debbie Joyce on (02) 8251 0032 or 0419 436 685. Alternatively contact the national Transport and Logistics Industry Skills Council on (03) 9604 7200.


The Automotive Training Board no longer undertakes the AIS/AUVIS scheme.
TAFE NSW can provide your training and for the relevant information please call: 02 4229 0483

School-based apprenticeships in NSW

The benefits to be gained by students within NSW in undertaking school-based apprenticeships are many. A more seamless transition from school to work will result, as well as providing students with a far greater range of options for participation in VET.

This type of initiative can only assist in overcoming the skills shortages that currently occur within the automotive sectors. It can also provide a meaningful pathway for those students who wish to combine their schooling with a practical skill that will best meet their future needs.

Please see below for the link to access further information. If you would like to comment on this issue, please feel free to respond directly to the Automotive Training Board (NSW) at [email protected]

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